Finicky Friday

I was going to title today’s blog post “Finally Friday,” but since I’ve had my surgery, everyday could be Friday for me. Don’t worry, it isn’t as good as it sounds. I’m very limited on what I’m allowed to do. While not being allowed to do housework is a good thing, some of the other restrictions aren’t so good.

The one thing I’ve been doing a good bit of lately (if you’re a friend or follower on Goodreads, you’ve noticed this) is reading. My last read, The Mystic Wolves, was one I nearly gave up on finishing.

It made me wonder…I don’t like adding a book to my DNF shelf, but how long do you keep reading before you give up? Is there a standard? Does a particular scene turn you off? I’m interested in your comments. What is your gauge?

For me The Mystic Wolves was very s-l-o-w. The entire first chapter (or maybe even two) was about wolves playing football. That was it. To me it seemed like a strange place to start a story. I kept wondering if some big, bad demon was going to crash the game. Nope, no game crashing. Just lots and lots of sickeningly sweet lovey-dovey talk and thoughts between Darcy and Mason. Gah. Enough! Even for a romance. Enough!

It is until later, when Jasmine and Darcy head to the story by themselves (ding, ding, ding) against the wishes of Darcy’s mate, Mason, who is alpha of the Mystic Wolves, that we finally have something going on. And, wow, it is something big.

I made it through that section of the story, but when I read about Darcy and Mason going for a run in the woods while the Vampire Enforcer, Devlin, was back at the wolves’ compound for a meeting, I kept wondering where the sense of urgency was, especially after what happened to Jasmine. But, no, there was frolicking and playing in a waterfall. It was at this point, I just about said the heck with this read, I’ll move onto something else.

The one thing that kept me pushing forward was my interest in Devlin. I admit, I like paranormal romance. I was excited that this was a werewolf story as opposed to a glittery vampire story. In the end, however, I was disappointed.

I didn’t mean for this to be a vent about this particular story, but after reading it, I wondered how far into a story most other readers make it before they give up and decide the story isn’t worth their time?

Please leave some comments and let me know your thoughts.

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