Fun Review

A big “thanks!” goes out to Gigi for her 4 star review of Mountain Memories, which she posted on Goodreads.

Check this out:

Packed with breakups, friends-with-benefits, broken hearts times two, mountain lion attacks, crazy-bearded-gun-welding-mountain-men, gunshot wounds, death bed declarations of love, snow storms that stop civilization and require a need to hole up in a secluded cabin for days, this book pretty much had it all. And it kinda fucking rocked. I can definitely recommend it. Fun ride. Enjoy!

This review brought a smile to my face! I’ve had a rough couple of days, all stressed about my surgery on Wednesday. I was trying to decide on a topic for this post, and after I read the review, I knew that I wanted to share it.

In case you missed you the earlier buy links:

– Amazon:

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Don’t forget about Denise and Avery’s website:

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