For some reason I feel like I’ve fallen behind on my blogging – not a good thing!!

My latest m-m romance read was Unintended by M. J. O’Shea. After finishing the Rock Bay series, I noticed this story anUnintendedd thought I would give it a shot.

I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I really like how the author wrote the story. It began in present day with Alex and Taylor unpacking in their newly remodeled house. They were so adorable, getting ready – or trying to at least – for Thanksgiving dinner. The story then went back to when the boys were in high school.

Alex was the new kid. Because his family moved so much due to his father’s work – a very well-paying job, I might add – this was not a unique position for him. He immediately notices Taylor, but since Alex is shy, he doesn’t approach him. Given Alex’s shyness and the fact he is ill at ease when it comes to making friends, his parents insist he throw a party. He does, and it is just dumb luck that he and Taylor end up spending time together in Alex’s bedroom. Alex knows he is gay; Taylor hasn’t really figured out what he is. After spending time with Alex, Taylor knows that he likes him – likes him well enough to kiss him and explore other things. (I have to say I let out a big, old “aww” the first time Taylor held Alex’s hand!)

The story continues going back and forth between present day and follows the boys as they separate for college. Thanks to their friend Beth, the sadness and loneliness that has plagued them both is resolved.

All in all, a very sweet story with such a nice build-up of the chemistry and feelings between the two boys. My one complaint is that the formatting is awful. Many times I had difficulty telling who was speaking as the dialogue was jammed together in one paragraph.

Despite the formatting issues, 4 out of 5 stars

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