Release Day: Mountain Memories

Amountainmemories3very is so excited (insert *happy dance*) that today is release day for her first novella, Mountain Memories. It seems like it has been a long time in the making, but the wait was totally worth it. Thanks to Torquere Press for being willing to take on the story – yay! I’m so happy that you will get to read about her favorite couple, Jax and Mason. (Shh, don’t tell Taylor and Bergen she said that!!)

So…without further ado, I’m sharing the cover art and other pertinent info. I will be sure to update the post with the buy links as well (stay tuned for those).



Genre: M-M Romance, contemporary with adventure

Length: approx. 22K words

Format: e-book

Heat rating: chili pepper (yes, there is a bit of spice to the story) *wink*

The blurb:

After a painful breakup, Jackson “Jax” Chamberlain, pianist and composer, takes a solo trip to the mountains of Colorado for a refreshing change of scenery. Mason Lake, a ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park, volunteers to staff a secluded patrol cabin through an oncoming snowstorm, partly to escape his sometime lover’s demands for a more serious relationship. An ill-advised hike and an animal attack bring Jax and Mason together, allowing them to wait out the storm and explore a heated passion.

Their bliss ends, however, with the arrival of an unexpected stranger, a bullet, and Mason’s lover. Will the men recover from such devastating wounds to find each other again?

I hope you check back from more information – excerpts! – on Mountain Memories!




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