BentBent (Back to Brooklyn #1) by H.B. Heinzer is a Contemporary Romance story set in the mid-west.

It is the story of Julia Wilson and Micah Anderson. Julia left Brooklyn, Wisconsin, after graduating high school with a huge broken heart thanks to Micah. When Julia returns to Brooklyn after her divorce, she finds out the real reason Micah broke up with her. And what an awful reason it was! He slept with another girl and got her pregnant (one night stand kind of thing). Micah couldn’t bear to tell Julia the truth so he lied, saying that he couldn’t handle a long distance relationship.

Julia’s friends in Brooklyn fill her in on what has happened since she’s been gone. She finally learns Micah has a teenage son, Caleb, and that his ex-wife is no longer in the picture. He’s been single and struggling between trying to raise his son and run a construction business.

After reconnecting at The Oasis, a local watering hole, the two begin their roller coaster ride. Most of the hills and valleys are due to Julia, trying to decide if she trusts Micah and if she wants to be back in another relationship without exploring the single life first. And of course, she can’t do this from the house she is renting in Wisconsin – the very one that Micah is renovating; she has to travel to NYC and live with a friend to figure it out. One of the major bumps along the way is the return of Micah’s ex, Karen, who happens to be hooked on the latest drug. She definitely has it in for Julia!

The story was just okay for me. I did like the action/ suspense with the introduction of Karen. Otherwise, it was slow in places. I also felt like the author used a lot of narrative. I’m a fan of dialogue and keeping the story moving. A couple of times I wanted to smack Julia upside her head – she sure didn’t seem to have much sense. Additionally I don’t know anyone who can put away tequila the way she can and still function.

This was a free download on Kindle so I can’t really complain! It’s not a bad read just wasn’t for me.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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