Spank and Run

After reading Sue Lyndon’s story, Confession Time, I checked the table of contents in Lazy Day Publishing’s anthology Coming to Terms. The next story that caught my eye was one by Renee Rose. The catchy title of Spank and Run pulled me into reading the story. I had to see what that was all about!

The story is set in Taos, New Mexico. Ms. Rose gets bonus points there – I’ve only been to Taos once, but I absolutely loved it. Great restaurants, wonderful people, a vibrant arts community, and beautiful scenery! Ok, sorry, back to the story…

Claire, a former dancer who lived in New York, is running late to her appointment with the town’s mayor, Luis Valdez. She gives Feldenkrais lessons out of her home, and the newly divorced mayor is one of her clients. Granted, though the man is very handsome, he makes her nervous to the point of intimidating her.

The action starts right away. Although she has beat the mayor to her home, someone got there before her – broke in and destroyed Coming_to_Termsher things. Claire, obviously in shock, stumbles through what is left of her casita. Thank goodness Luis has excellent timing – in addition to good senses (he calls the police to respond ASAP) and a warm, comforting embrace.

He hung up the call, dropped his cell phone back in his pocket, and pulled her back against him with both arms. “Are you all right?” he asked, his voice deep and rich like honey, with a note of tenderness that surprised her.

I’m already cheering for Luis and the protectiveness he displays toward Claire. The mayor sticks around to help her reorganize her things. He even tells her that he will be spending the night since her front door can’t be secured. The serious mood is broken by a laugh – Luis discovers a drawer of spanking implements when he helps to clean-up Claire’s bedroom.

The mayor was staring at her with glittering eyes, flexing her leather paddle in an authoritative way that made her knees go weak. His question indicated an understanding of dominant/submissive relationships, which had derailed her embarrassment and sent her rocketing instead to confused wonderment. It appeared Mayor Luis knew his way around a paddle.

The reader learns that the mayor is a proponent of domestic discipline; although, his last wife wanted very little to do with spankings. Claire only engages in domestic discipline with partners whom she can trust. She isn’t into BDSM parties or spanking for erotic purposes. The mayor reads Claire perfectly and gives her just what she needs. The following scenes in the bedroom and in the shower are definitely steamy.

The next morning Claire jumps to conclusions and gets herself into the trouble. When Luis returns with materials to fix her door, she realizes her mistakes and hopes to cover it in part by cooking him a delicious breakfast. When he realizes what’s she’s done, we get the title for the story – you’ll have to read to find out the specifics *wink*

Claire has a lot of soul-searching to do after their conversation and Luis’s offer. In the end, she head’s to his condo in Taos’s ski valley. I won’t spoil what happens, but I will include this tidbit:

He patted his knee and opened his arms, happy when she immediately scrambled out of her chair and onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around her, helping her to settle against him, her head resting on his shoulder, face into his neck. He stroked her thigh. “Clara, I would like nothing more than to be a real disciplinarian — your real disciplinarian.”

He breathed in the smell of her, relishing the feel of how easily her small body fit on his. “My ex-wife…she tolerated a few spanks here and there because she knew I was into it, but she never let me lead. So I can’t say I have vast experience as a ‘Head of Household,’ but,” he pitched his voice to the timbre of a campaign speech, “if elected to the position, I promise I will do my very best to be fair and just, and never spank for fun.”

Make sure you check out Ms. Rose’s story. It is worth the read! 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Coming to Terms can be found on Goodreads at

Ms. Rose can be found at Be sure to follow her on Twitter @ReneeRoseAuthor.

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  1. Thank you for the review! I didn’t know if we’d get in personal reviews, since it was an anthology, so I’m tickled that you even reviewed my story separately and I’m thrilled that you like it!


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