Confession Time

Coming_to_TermsThanks to Sue Lyndon for sharing a copy of Lazy Day Publishing’s latest anthology, Coming to Terms. When Sue told me about her story and explained about DD – domestic discipline – I asked her if I could read Confession Time.

Given my health issues, I’ve been spending a lot of time napping and reading. Sue’s story was the perfect length for what I needed.

Lucy and her husband of five years, James, include domestic discipline as part of their marriage. The story starts with Lucy nervously awaiting her husband’s return from work. I like how Ms. Lyndon gets right into the story:

With her free hand, she rubbed her panty-clad bottom, knowing he would be paying a great deal of attention to that particular part of her body tonight.

James not only spanks Lucy for punishment but on Friday nights, she gets “maintenance spankings.” James explains it as:

“… It’s a light spanking, once a week, on Friday nights, to help us reconnect with one another and to help reinforce our roles in this marriage. Think of it as a meaningful conversation.”

Okay, I know what your thinking….really? a maintenance spanking?? That just doesn’t sound right.

Well, keep reading. Ms. Lyndon shows that trust is the basis of these spankings. In fact, the spankings serve to arouse both parties. Lucy feels tenderness and love toward her husband along with a bit of anxiousness when it comes to the spankings. Sadly, this trepidation causes Lucy to clench her cheeks in anticipation of what is to come. James, however, has a solution for this. And, oh, I’m not sharing that one – you have to read to find out!

The story continues with the couple deciding to take a stay-cation. Although, leave it to Lucy to get herself into trouble. She agrees to let her sister, Wendy, live with them all summer when she loses her job and can’t stand living with her mom and her mom’s new boyfriend. Lucy doesn’t consult with James before making this decision. Fortunately, James has a solution – they can rent a cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains for the vacation – lots of privacy for spankings there *wink*

Things on their vacation are going well – both with spankings and sex – until Lucy gets a worried message from her sister. Seems Wendy had been looking for batteries and stumbled upon something very personal. Of course, prying eyes wanted to know so Wendy took it upon herself to investigate. Lucy panics – she doesn’t want her secret getting out, and she knows that’s just what her sister will do – spill. Frantic at not being able to reach her sister by phone (despite the fact it’s the middle of the night), Lucy leaves the cabin – without waking James – to confront her sister.

However, James notices his wife is missing and high tails it to their home. I won’t spoil what happens, but I will hint that it is more than a maintenance spanking. At least, it takes place at the cabin, out of sight and sound of Lucy’s nosey sister.

This last snippet will give you a hint:

“You don’t have to be brave in front of me, Lucy girl … But I know you trust me to do it right.”

His words broke her. A sob burst from her throat as a shudder racked her body. “I do trust you, James. I love you. And I’m so sorry.” Mores sniffles escaped her, and James fought the urge to gather her up in his arms. Later, he told himself. Later he could hold her until morning.

If you are new to Domestic Discipline, I highly recommend Ms. Lyndon’s story and the anthology.

4 .5 out of 5 stars!

Coming to Terms can be found on Goodreads at and on Amazon at

Sue Lyndon can be found at Be sure to follow her on Twitter @SueLyndon.

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