Acapulco Adventure

Acapulco Adventure is a romantic short story written by Marilyn Conner Miles. This sweet romance has a bit of mystery that will leave you in suspense until the end of the story.

Acapulco_AdventureThe main character, Deeann, has a horrible time of it. Her supposed girls’ trip to Acapulco ends up including a guy – Greg. (Dee’s boyfriend had just dumped her, and Mark didn’t waste any time finding a new woman. Dee was totally looking forward to some girl-time!) Before they even leave the U.S., her suitcase gets left behind. When the crew finally arrives in Mexico, Dee notices the same strange men showing up wherever they go. She doesn’t say anything, thinking maybe she is just being paranoid.

When Brenda gets sick with food poisoning, Dee and Greg head for Taxco by themselves. The whole experience is just a bit shady, especially the “motel” they end up staying in.

Greg then becomes sick, and Dee realizes just how dangerous of a situation they are in. I won’t spoil the end, but Dee’s feelings deepen for Greg, and she decides he is a much better choice than her ex, Mark. Yay!!

The story was well-written. The plot kept moving, and the characters are interesting. I totally felt for Dee – her vacation ended up not being much of a vacation. An added bonus is the vivid picture Ms. Miles paints when describing the Mexican landscape.

An enjoyable read. 4 out of 5 stars

Acapulco Adventure is an ebook published by Books To Go Now and is for sale on Amazon:

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