Never Date a Cop

Needing to get out of my YA reading funk (and back into adult reading), I downloaded Never Date a Cop by Kara Leigh Miller onto mNever_Date_A_Copy Kindle.

I knew going into the story, it was on the shorter side. It fit the length I wanted, and I saw other reviewers describe it as erotic romance. Whoo hoo! Bonus, right?! Hee hee

I read the story in one sitting. My initial thought was poor Kynlee – the girl is a hot mess! My other initial thought was how lucky she was to have such a persistent hottie, Cooper, not giving up on her or them (as a couple).

Kynlee, who we first meet at her high school prom, has sworn off cops – for good reason. She lost both her father and brother to work-related violence (both were involved in police work). Before her father was killed in the line of duty, he moved them. This was the first time she walked away from Cooper without leaving any contact information behind. The girl developed a history of running away from the man who steals her heart. Thank goodness Cooper is tough and strong and sexy… oh sorry, got distracted! At any rate, you get the point!!

My only wish was the story could have been a bit longer. I would have enjoyed learning more about the Kynlee and Cooper. I would have liked to read about their dates and interactions before Kynlee moved to Maryland for school. Then maybe some hot reunion sex… just saying!!

A solid erotic romance read! 4 out of 5 stars

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