Mount Vernon

It was  a busy Saturday yesterday! Cathy and I spent the biggest part of the day at George Washington’s home – Mount Vernon. Even though we covered a lot of ground, I felt like there were still things we missed seeing/ experiencing.

Normally, I’m a student of Civil War history. I don’t know as much about the Revolutionary War. I have done some reading on how our Constitution came to be, and (sad to say), I have some books on George Washington that I have yet to read. They will now be moved higher in my TBR list!! The visit has peaked my interest to learn more about that time in our Nation’s history.

The sunny, mild day meant lots of folks had the same idea that we had – the grounds were busy! I gave up on taking people-free photographs and just tried to minimize the number of people! LOL Cathy was experimenting with her new camera. We spent lots of time in the Upper Garden. Many of the flowers were in bloom so we were able experiment with lighting and angles. I spent a lot of time in Macro mode on my camera!

The wait for the mansion tour was long, but the line moved steadily. It was totally worth it, too! I feared we would see a room or two and be done. Not so. We saw the “New Room” – dining room – which they are renovating. The detail was incredible on the mouldings (and other architectural elements for which I don’t know the name!). We saw the guest bedrooms, kitchen, George and Martha’s personal quarters – George’s study. They even had a harpsichord. Very neat!! The view from the back of the house was incredible, overlooking the Potomac River.

If you haven’t been for a visit, and find yourself in the area, I would highly recommend spending the day or even an afternoon at Mount Vernon. Mount_Vernon_web

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