Oh No She Didn’t

Can you fill in what follows that sentiment (yes, I realize it is a bit overused, but it seemed to fit)?

Well, the correct answer would be leave the story on that note. And yes, Ms. Wright that sentiment is directed toward you – only in the best way possible, of course 🙂 I just finished books 3 & 4 in the Bayou Heat series by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright. These were Bayon’s and Jean-Baptiste’s stories. And, oh were they hot!! Given the steaminess factor of the read, this commentary will be written for adults (yes, this is your warning!).

Ms. Ivy, don’t kill me, but Jean-Baptiste turned me to mush faster than Bayon. Both are hot, sexy, and protective of their females. But Ms. Wright’s bad boy image with the tattoos and piercings did me in! The man is puma sin on a stick – can I lick him, please??

These two books revealed more insight into the problems plaguing the Pantera and their Wildland home in Louisiana. Both authors have done a fabulous job of keeping things suspenseful. Speaking of, when is the next release?? I need to know more. Now. (Please)

I enjoyed the twists and turns in Bayon’s story, the amazing rescue and mating. I’m so glad that Parish didn’t kill Bayon for keeping the return of his sister, Keira, a secret. Keira is one tough chick, too. She used to lead the Hunters before her kidnapping. She was the one able to shed the light on the traitors among the Pantera’s midst.

Jean-Baptiste was a handful for poor Ms. Genevieve Burel. The bad boy and the Puritan! Oh, but once he uncovered what was hidden beneath her prim and proper clothing, all bets were off! Jean-Baptiste, a Nurturer, had some great lines in his story. I loved how he started calling Genevieve “Genny.” I also loved how possessive she got of him.

Prime example happened with Isi around 78%. Jean-Baptiste’s response was

I’m not going to pretend I don’t love you snarling and scratching to show not only me, but yourself, just how mated we truly are.

I had a good laugh when Jean-Baptiste showed up at Genny’s Grands’ house. Her Grands were very perceptive (81%)

…wide eyes and even wider grins plastered to their faces.

“Sounds handsome,” Maw-Maw said.

“Sounds strong,” Paw-Paw put in.

For being a bad boy, Jean-Baptiste, who had trouble controlling his puma prior to Genny, was masterful when it came to words. (Also 81%)

But you, my wonderful, beautiful Genny, have tamed us both.Bayou_Heat_Books5_6

We also got a glimpse into Ashe and the cub – a too brief glimpse. Poor Raphael is going out of his mind with worry!

I checked Ms. Ivy’s website, and books 5 & 6 are Talon’s and Xavier’s stories. Can’t wait!! And, I have to add, what a nice cover! Where do they find all these yummy models?

4.5 out of 5 stars! This is a must read sexy shifter series! (say that three times fast)


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