Series Limit?

I’ve been reading a lot of late. Part of the reason is the number of books that were released in March written by some of my favorite authors.

After finishing Edge_of_DawnEdge of Dawn by Lara Adrian, I got to thinking. Should there be a limit to the number of books in series? This book is number eleven in the Midnight Breed series. Perhaps it is my fault for not doing my homework before I started reading, but I didn’t realize that this book was the start of a new phase, so to speak. Of course I read book ten and do remember Dragos being taken down. Edge of Dawn is Mira’s story. Mira was just a child in the prior Midnight Breed books. Mira was always a fascinating character for me with her gift of sight. I confess I never envisioned her as a Breed Warrior.

Along with that, several other of the original Breed members’ children are now grown and fighting in a new world – one where vampires are no longer secret. One where humans don’t really trust vampires and their need for blood. That was kind of odd – I loved the original Breed members (who are now Elders and are spread throughout the world), but I’m not sure that I’m ready to take on reading about their children. Granted this is a new world with new obstacles, but I’m not loving the children like I loved their parents. I’m hoping this makes sense because I don’t feel like I’m explaining it correctly.

This is what promoted the thought of should there be a limit to a number of books in a series? As an author (one who is just starting out), I wonder if I can keep the same intensity and uniqueness if I have ten or twelve or twenty books in a series. I also recently finished PJ and Cole’s book (number six) in the KGI series by Maya Banks. That  book didn’t sit as well with me as some of her others. It is definitely one I will not be reading over and over. I noticed in that book, she’s added other new team members, which I’m assuming is so she can have more books in that series. I already feel like I need a guidebook to keep the men and their wives straight!

I wasn’t using Goodreads when I started reading the Midnight Breed books. I also started reading them after finishing what was then released of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood books so I was kind of biased. To be fair to Miss Adrian, it felt like it took a couple of books for the Breed series to come into its own – to be different and separate from the BDB. I did go back and look at my ratings for the different books in the series. Books 9.5 and 10 were the high points for me. I still rated Edge of Dawn 4 out of 5 stars, but it didn’t have the same appeal as the others.

What are your thoughts? Does there come a point in time where an author needs to build another world with new characters? Can book ten still hold the same intensity as book one?

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