Saving Taylor

I’ve left the cat out ofSaving_Taylor_ed the bag: my pen name, under which I write M-M Romance, is Avery Dawes.

Avery has recently published her first story, a sweet romance titled Saving Taylor. It is a short story (around 20 pages) about Bergen and Taylor. Bergen is an older co-worker of Taylor’s and very interested in the younger man. To avoid breaking company policy, Bergen takes a “unique” approach to catching Taylor’s attention. Unfortunately, Taylor doesn’t appreciate Bergen’s “gifts” until he gets a very special one. With a little help from their friends, Bergen and Taylor have a first date. I won’t tell you how it goes other than to say, you’ve got to read it.

Avery got interested in writing M-M romance after reading Josh Lanyon’s story, Fair Game. Since then, she has read most of Lanyon’s other stories as well as other authors’ M-M stories. She fell in love with the idea that men can be just as happy together as a male-female couple. Love shouldn’t be defined by gender (or by society) as it’s defined by your heart. Given her beliefs, Avery is a LGBT supporter and advocate.

Back to the story. I’m including the story blurb as well as buy links (see below). I hope you take the time to check it out. With any luck, it will leave you with a flutter in your heart and a smile on your face.

Saving Taylor Blurb

Bergen Klaus, a well-respected landscape architect, is over forty, single, and looking for love. He wants to explore an interest in a co-worker, except company policy frowns on inter-office relationships. Not to be deterred, Bergen devises a creative plan that allows him to come to Taylor’s rescue. But will it be enough to catch the younger man’s eye, and still allow him to make his intentions known without alerting the boss?

Taylor Prescott, a young interior designer, is dedicated to his job and oblivious to Bergen’s advances. Instead, Taylor is more than a little put off by the “gifts” that keep mysteriously popping up in his office. Can Taylor get past his insecurities to discover the truth of this office mystery? Will he be receptive to Bergen’s attempt at catching a boyfriend?

Buy Links

– Smashwords:

– Amazon Kindle:

Avery’s author page at Amazon can be found here:

A special thanks to Dawn at Griffix Creations for the cover design.

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