Levet’s story is short but oh so cute! It is technically book #9.5 in the Guardians of Eternity series by Alexandra Ivy. TLevethe stunted, charming gargoyle is at it again. Loved by the ladies and despised by the guys. Well, mostly. He does help Elijah so the clan chief of France may not look upon him with as much disdain as Styx or Viper.

This review is full of spoilers so hide your eyes now if you don’t wish to know the outcome of Levet’s visit to Paris and his encounter with his mom.

Before we get to Levet, I must say that Elijah is one smokin’ hot vamp. I can picture him in all his Gucci and Italian goodness. He certainly has the attitude to go with being clan chief. Valla is one lucky girl!

So, back to the heroic gargoyle. No, he certainly hasn’t forgotten the role he played in saving the world!! He has some less than friendly relatives. I was very happy that Claudine got what was coming to her. Ian seemed to be just a bit smarter. Sort of. Even dear old mom caved to Levet’s request. I was kind of hoping Levet’s mom would give him some insight into how he came to be the less than perfect gargoyle. No such luck.

There were definitely some funny lines in the story. I enjoyed highlighting them. I’ll share one…

At 32% Levet is in the middle of a warm welcome from his fire-breathing mom (heh heh)

He might be immortal, but not even an eternity would be enough time to work through his mommy issues.

Even though we don’t get to learn what happens with Levet and Yanni, this is still a fun read.

4.5 out of 5 stars!

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