Through These Eyes

It’s time for a snow day book review! Yay!

I confess I’m definitely happy for the snow day. I stayed up well past my bedtime to finish Through These Eyes by N.R. Walker. It is the second book in the Blind Faith series.

Through_These_EyesThe second half of the book went by quickly for me. I dragged my feet reading parts of the first half. As many of you know, I am reading the Mortal Instruments series. At times I picked up that book instead of this one (well, picked up my Kindle since this is an ebook). While I like Carter and Isaac and Brady (of course!), Isaac got on my nerves in this one. The second half contained two major fights between the two guys – lots of angst, tension, and tears. I don’t want to give away the ending, but things were resolved. I did, by the way, really enjoy the ending.

Ms. Walker did well with building suspicion about Joshua. I was happy that Carter picked up on it right away. I also liked the addition of the home invasion. Talk about immediate concern for Isaac and wanting to know what happened! The scene in the police station was priceless! Go Brady!!

I feel like I connected more with Isaac in this story. He didn’t show it often, but every now and again the reader got a hint of his vulnerability. I could have cried when he told Carter that he wanted to be able to see his newborn niece with his sight and not just by using his other senses. It broke my heart when he confessed to Carter that he just wanted to have his sight to “see” him.  Then, at other times, Isaac was a complete asshat.

Kudos to Carter for being observant and not trusting Joshua. I loved the scene when he bared his torso and all the love bites to Joshua. Heh heh. Way to stake his claim!! Mark was hilarious as usual. I almost wish Ms. Walker would write Mark’s story – the shameless flirt deserves someone – as in one stable person – to give him happiness.

One of my gripes with this book was word choice/ writing style. I could tell Ms. Walker’s English wasn’t my English, so to speak. Instead of saying “couch” or “sofa” she said “lounge.” There were other things here and there that stuck out. Although, none of those kept me from understanding the flow of the story. Just me being a picky reader! The other gripe was that I don’t know how many times Carter took Isaac’s hand or held his face or gently kissed his lips. I felt like those sorts of actions were rather repetitive.

Given all that, I did enjoy the read and the ending. It was full of emotion, and Isaac showed just enough vulnerability to keep me from strangling him.

3.5 stars rounded to 4 (out of 5) for Carter’s persistence and for Brady being an awesome dog!

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