Funny Story?

I never expected to receive so much attention at the grocery store today. I still haven’t gone food shopping – one of my least favorite activities – since I’ve returned from my trip. Given that, I needed to pick something up for lunch. Trying to eat healthy, I stopped at a major grocery store.

I collected: a small spinach salad with egg whites, a container of low fat yogurt, and a banana.

When I put my food down for the cashier in the express lane to check me out, she asked, “Is this breakfast or lunch?”

I replied that it was lunch. (I had eaten a breakfast of cereal and orange juice earlier.)

She pretty much told me that wasn’t enough for lunch. As in there is no way I could survive on that little food.

I felt compelled to add that I brought cashews and a granola bar from home.

She just laughed.

We ended our exchange by her saying that she hoped I didn’t blow away outside (it was windy here today).

Um, thanks for your concern….I think?

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