A Rookie Move

Sheesh! I’ve been doing blog posts for everyone but me! I’m sorry to have neglected you, my dear blog.

Even though I went to bed early last night and promised myself I would turn the light off at a decent hour, I ended up staying awake to finish A Rookie Move by Sam B. Morgan.

Rookie_MoveThis book sucked me in right from the beginning. The gritty and accurate police situations grabbed my attention. Of course they were overshadowed by tough TO (training officer) Mike Graham and his “boot” Nate York, both of the LAPD.

I saw some reviewers refer to this as a “Gay-for-you” story, but I would have to disagree. Mike, definitely gay and in the closet, starts dreaming about his trainee, the sexy blond York. Nate was on the outs with his girl friend and had already recognized that he was never really into sex with women. He had a prior gay experience. When things heated up between him and Mike, Nate was hesitant but wanted to try. I loved how he acted on his feelings.

The tension between the two men is incredible – both sexually and while they try to work together and figure out their relationship or their “thing” as Nate calls it (of course he gets in trouble for his word choice!).

There were a number of cute lines and fun banter between the two. I liked when Nate blurted out that he bought red pillows after Mike characterized his living room as being too beige and looking like a doctor’s office (he said some other things, but you will have to read those yourself).

I think I especially enjoyed how Nate came to deal with his liking men and being with Mike. Although he was younger and more inexperienced than Mike, he had the confidence to go after what he wanted and to move their relationship forward.

Sam B. Morgan is on Twitter @SamBMorgan – make sure to follow him.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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