Just Call Me a Zombie

How far away is spring?? Between being sick and the winter weather (i.e., lack of copious amounts of sunshine), I am feeling zombie-fied. I need something to break out of my routine. Get up tired, go to work, come home tired, eat dinner, and attempt to motivate myself to be productive. It’s rough, can’t you tell?!! At the rate I’m going, I’ll be extra pasty with dark circles around my eyes, mumbling as I stumble through the local graveyard!

Seriously, I need to kick the sore throat and runny nose. That would be a huge help! Might even give me some more energy. Then, I could put my inner zombie to bed!

Okay, enough of Zombie Denise! I am managing to write some. Whoo hoo! Here’s the latest update:

Tumbling in Time sequel – I’ve found the perfect woman to rescue Rafe. He’s gonna love her! The only clue you get is her name: Araceli.

Wild Horses spin-off – I’ve started working on the story of how Manny and Chad met. I fell in love with Manny when I was writing Georgia and Jonathan’s story. In fact, Manny almost stole the show. Now, he can do all the stealing he wants in his own story.

I’m also working on a steamy threesome – Alexandra, David, and Nate – set on Sanibel Island, Florida. I’m hoping to get it finished to submit for the Hot Summer Nights anthology. So far, I’m a third of the way into the story.

In addition to those, I have two blog posts that need to be written by Monday. Yikes! Nothing like a little pressure. No worries – I have ideas for both.

In the spririt of summer and sunshine, I’m ending with a picture from one of my Florida trips. This one was taken in Key Largo. Soon it will be beach time!

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