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I’m trying to get the word out that my short story, Tumbling in Time, is *free* on Amazon Kindle today and tomorrow. If you are looking for a quick romance/ urban fantasy read with tornadoes, a hunky wizard, demons, a stubborn college student, and a fallen angel – this story is for you!

Here’s the link:

Tumbling blurb:

Tasha Hutchinson, a meteorology student at a suburban Kansas University, looks forward to tornadoes but not for the same reason as her fellow classmates. She uses the storms to travel through time to visit with and fight various demons with her crush, Arikk. She has fallen hard for the stubborn wizard. Arikk better be careful – if Tasha has her way, they will be sharing more than platonic kisses.

As an immortal wizard with unique parentage, Arikk is blessed with all sorts of special abilities. He serves as a high ranking sentinel with the Guardian Peacekeepers, a demanding organization devoted to maintaining peace and justice through space and time. While Arikk has fun with Tasha – his Sunshine – he knows his life is too dangerous for them to be anything more than friends.

Will Tasha, a fragile human, survive the battles with otherworldly creatures? Will she be successful in winning the heart of her wizard?

Never fear, the end of the story is a bit of a cliffhanger. The sequel to Tumbling is already in the works. I’m not going to let my fallen angel hanging!

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