Suspension of Disbelief

I just finished reading Way Off Plan by Alexa Land. I’m not familiar with her as an author, and after seeing that the m-m story received some really good reviews, I thought I would give it a shot.

The quick and dirty for this story: lots of sex, light on plot, filled with laughs, good characters, and (you know it’s coming) suspension of disbelief. To paraphrase a reviewer on Goodreads, he said that the story is as plausible as a pink duck. Which is rather funny as ducks are mentioned quite frequently in the story.

Why do I say that? Well, first we should probably look at that term.

One definition I found (

Temporarily and willingly setting aside our beliefs about reality in order to enjoy the make-believe of a play, a poem, film, or a story. Perfectly intelligent readers can enjoy tall-tales about Pecos Bill roping a whirlwind, or vampires invading a small town in Maine, or frightening alternative histories in which Hitler wins World War II, without being “gullible” or “childish.” To do so, however, the audience members must set aside their sense of “what’s real” for the duration of the play, or the movie, or the book.

The reason I think it applies to this story is the characters. Jamie, an undercover cop, falls for Dmitri, a Russian mafia drug/ organized crime lord. While as an author I think we need to create obstacles for our characters being together, this is huge. More so, Dmitri doesn’t behave anything like a bad-ass mafia guy (not that I’m on a first name basis with any crime lords, mind you). Dmitri is a submissive cuddler, loves Star Wars, and lets Jamie drive his Maserati after only knowing the guy a couple of hours at most. We find out later that Dmitri knew right away Jamie was a cop.

I don’t mean to bash the story as it really is cute and funny, but as a reader, you need to make a leap to buy into it.

For the humor – cause there were several laugh out loud parts:

At 5%, Jamie first sees Dmitri Teplov in the back room of the bar (he is undercover at this point).

Teplov’s latest blonde, who’d started off so well, was dismissed now. How long had he lasted, three minutes? . . . Wow. Speed dating, mafia style.

At 7%, Jamie bolts from Dmitri. That’s right, literally runs out of the club. Of course, big bad Teplov follows him. This is Dmitri speaking:

You did that wrong, Cinderella,” a now familiar voice behind me said. “You’re supposed to leave a shoe behind, not the keys to the carriage.”

And so the story goes (well, Jamie gets a mind-blowing BJ from Dmitri right there on the street). Yes, that would be the erotica part of the story. Not for the faint of heart!! Hee hee

3 out of 5 stars

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