Night Thief

Night_ThiefNight Thief by Lisa Kessler is a quick, yet fulfilling read. It is a novella, technically #1.5 in The Night series. I fell in love with Calisto in her first book, Night Walker. Kane does not disappoint in this read! I was excited when I heard there was another Night Walker out there. Whoo hoo!

I confess I normally don’t like historical romance stories – whether or not they include elements of the paranormal. One of the things this story had going for it was the setting – Paris and not London. Yay! Plus, she focused on the characters – Kane, Rita, and Antoine (and others, too many to name). While there were flouncy dresses, horses, and gas lamps, I enjoyed the chemistry between Kane and Rita.

Ladies, Kane is pure, sexy hottie. That he turns into a large cat doesn’t hurt, either! The picture on the cover accurately portrays him – he hates clothing and abhors ties and anything restricting around his neck (can’t say I blame him on the ties!). Rita is a stubborn, spunky, and caring woman. She does her best to look out for herself and her cousin against a ruthless vampire.


I loved how Rita felt like her body rejected the change. She was all set to leave Kane because her body didn’t cooperate with becoming immortal. I confess – I could see myself doing the same thing. Why is my body so retarded, can’t even get immortality right?! LOL In the end, she had nothing to fear *wink*


This is definitely a must read series! The next book, Night Demon, will be released on March 18th. Thankfully, it isn’t too far away! For more information, check out Lisa’s blog:

A solid 4 out of 5 stars!

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