This weekend I finished Afflicted and Afflicted II by Brandon Shire. Both were incredible m-m reads. They are the story of Hunter and Dillon, both with issues who come together to find love.

Hunter is a blind man, living on his own in Atlanta. He is the product of a controlling mother; his father passed away before he was born. Despite his blindness, he is successful in business, trains regularly in martial arts, and has a close friend and business associate in Margie.

Dillon, who the reader first knows as Frank, is a prostitute/ male escort. His family, mostly his mother, threw him out when he was 16 because of being gay. He struggled on the street, nearly dying before Shu-shu (and later Roland) came to his rescue.

The two meet on the street and head back to Hunter’s place to have explosive sex. Though neither of them initially share their feelings, they care for the other person and hope for more than just sex. I don’t want to spoil the awesome ending of Afflicted II, but I will say it brought happy tears to my eyes.

Oh, and as a secondary character, Connie rocked!!

I kept the above description brief as I wanted to share some of my favorite passages.

From Afflicted, 35%. An example of the raw honesty between the two men:

“Can I be extraordinarily honest?” Dillon asked suddenly.


“You’re hot as fuck and I’m dying to get you into bed again.”

Also from Afflicted, 72%. I love how Dillon calls Hunter his ninja.

“Came to watch my ninja,” Dillon answered casually. “I hope you don’t mind.”

His ninja. Hunter liked that, a lot.

Ok, although I would love to share more of Brandon’s wonderful writing, I wanted to give a couple of samples from Afflicted II.

At 74% after Travis showed up at Dillon’s with Dillon’s mom in tow. Hunter is very protective of his man. I just love it!

“Of course,” Hunter answered. “Didn’t you see me getting ready to do my secret flying ninja move? I would’ve taken them both out with my cane before I even landed; just flipped over your head and whap-whap, out cold.”

This one is at 75%:

“Hell, I know that. I’m the gay Don Juan of blind men,” Hunter said with a swagger.

This one is at 83% when Dillon, Hunter, and Shu-shu are talking (Dillon has to translate for Hunter):

“He said life doesn’t require my understanding or my permission to unfold. It does so of its own accord, whether I like it or not. He also said that he thought I would have figured that out by now,” Dillon replied.

Let me warn you head of time. You can’t read Afflicted without reading Afflicted II. Not going to happen. Get ready for the ride of your life which Brandon brings through beautiful prose and believable characters.

Brandon came be found on Twitter @TheBrandonShire and at

Afflicted gets 4 out of 5 stars. Afflicted II gets 5 out of 5 stars.


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