Sinner, Savior

Sinner, Savior (Brooklyn Sinners #2)  by Avril Ashton was just as good as her first book Love the Sinner. I think Angelo and Gabe are still Sinner_Saviormy favorite couple (of the two books), but Pablo and Dev/ Shane were more intense – and indecisive! LOL

Pablo took over the gang – Los P’s – after Angelo went to jail. The gang is still into gun running; although, Pablo has some personal demons to conqueror, one of which is Angelo. The reader learns that Pablo loved Angelo and was hurt badly when he hooked up with his cop (to whom he is now married – yay!) I don’t want to reveal all the secrets, but Pablo is a complex, troubled character.

Dev, who is really Shane, is undercover in York’s organization. Shane is with the DEA and trying to bring down York (who just happens to be Pablo’s nemisis) and his suppliers. After sharing an explosive kiss Shane and Pablo know that the can’t see each other, but they still manage to steal stolen kisses and caresses (oh, and some really hot interludes!!).

Shane is the persistent one in the relationship. He is also the one who suffers physically because of his association with Pablo. He, too, is the first one to proclaim his love and believe that they can have a future together. Pablo, of course – torture your characters – tramples his heart several times. Don’t worry, though, Ms. Ashton gives us a HEA for the two.

I want to share a couple of my favorite passages from the story.

This one is at 50%. Bear with me…it is a bit long (and Pablo uses some colorful language).

Pablo grabbed him by the neck and dragged him close. “Listen, you son of a bitch, get the fuck out of my house and my life. You’re not welcome.”

“Yeah. No can do.” Shane shook his head. “You just tried to kill me, with your bare hands, J.P. That can’t be good for this relationship. Not at all. We need to talk.”

54% for this one. Pablo begins with

“What do you want?” Shane responds with “Your heart . . . You have mine, but then you already knew that.”

One more… much later in the book. At 92% Pablo is talking with Mateo (his number two man)

“I wish I could say I’d grown a conscience. I wish it was a righteous move, but it’s not.” Pablo shook his head. “I’m being one hundred percent selfish here. I’m doing it for him [Shane]. I want him and to have him I need to be legit.”

There’s a wonderful section at the very end of the book, but I’m not sharing that one. You’ve got to make it through they story (which I couldn’t put down) to get to that one. Hopefully the passages I did share were enough to get you interested in the read, because it is one that should be on your TBR list (make sure you read Gabe & Angelo’s book first).

Avril Ashton can be found at Her blog can be found here

4.5 out of 5 stars!

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