Copious Amounts of Snow

What better to do the day after Christmas when Mother Nature turns on the snow machine first thing in the morning? For those of you who said “read” and “write” – good answer!

Plus, it serves the dual purpose of getting me back to my long-lost, forgotten blog! I suppose I will tackle the reading part first and then the writing part.

My Midnights_Mastercurrent read is Midnight’s Master by Donna Grant. It is the first book in her Dark Warrior series. I must confess this is my first “highlander” or “Druid” read. It isn’t that I’ve avoided the books, I just read more vampire and shifter books when I’ve read paranormal romance. This book was rated pretty highly on Goodreads so I thought I would give it a shot.

I don’t want to say I’m disappointed, but for me it is just mediocre. I’m just over halfway through, and now I’m reading it to finish it – not that I can’t wait to see what happens or how the plot is resolved. I like Logan and Gwynn well enough, but the romance between them seems underdeveloped. Plus, at the start, this had a lot of similarities to Gena Showalter’s LOTU series. I can’t put my finger precisely on what’s bothering me, but I haven’t been sucked into the story.

Now to the writing . . . I’m working on edits for a Valentine’s Day story. For some reason, I’m struggling with balancing sexy and sweet in the ending scene. My characters hijacked the story from me, and now I’m rewriting, trying to bring it under control! I think I finally have a good combination of sexy and sweet, which will leave both my characters and readers satisfied.

I also need to go over a story that was rejected by the publisher where I submitted it back in October. I do confess that I don’t appreciate them delivering the bad news the day before Christmas Eve. I’m thinking the ending is also the problem with this story. I believe it may be too “wishy-woshy.” Although there is a happily ever after, it may leave the reader wanting it in more definite terms. I may do a rewrite to change some things and then re-submit. I know getting your foot in the door with publishers is difficult, but I didn’t expect to get so frustrated so soon. Although, I have good friends who are very supportive and positive. Thank goodness for them sending good thoughts my way!!

On that note (and with my laptop battery dying), I’m going back to editing.

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