Productive Writing Day

Wow! I feel like I accomplished bunches today. On Friday one of my friends told me about an upcoming anthology submission. She encouraged me to write a story despite the fact it needs to be 8000 words and is due by the beginning of January. Given all I have going on this month, my first thought was “no way I can do that.”

After work yesterday I consulted my handy-dandy writing prompt app, and by the third prompt, I found one that fit the kind of story I wanted to write. Instant inspiration! The prompt was about a woman photographing wild horses in New Mexico in the snow and finding something more.

I am happy to report that I wrote 4400 words on the story at my local coffee shop today. It is funny – the toughest part was coming up with a name for my main character. Once I figured that out, the story rolled right along. I would love to have a complete first draft finished this weekend, but that is definitely pushing it. If I can get three-quarters of the story done, I will be very happy.Taos Fence2

Well, I found one of my New Mexico pics – too bad no snow and no horses. The fence, however, does come into play in the story.

Ok, no dilly-dallying. Time to write!

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