Yay! More in the Elemental World series.


How long has it been since I’ve posted? Embarrassingly long, I’m afraid. Just a couple quick things.

One, if you’ve missed it, I’m posting a free novella in serial form over on ElementalMysteries.com called Waterlocked. It’s a standalone in the Elemental World series, so check it out if you like my paranormal romance. There are two chapters and a prologue up now, and I’m posting every Monday.

Two, I’m hitting the editing on the first Cambio Springs novel hard this month, so wish me luck. I offered to post a teaser over on the Facebook page, so here it is! Just a quick peek into Jena and Caleb’s first meeting. (Jena is the character introduced in Long Ride Home, the short story that is up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.)

I’m looking at a winter release for this book, probably February/March of 2013. Still no official title…

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