The Penton Legacy

So in between reading the first book in The Penton Legacy by Susannah Sandlin titled Redemption and starting the second one (Absolution), I had an odd thought.

While making dinner (hence the lack of reading), I was singing along with Gloria by Randol Alan Bass (practicing). There is a fair amount of Latin in Gloria. Had you asked me five years ago if I would be singing with a choral group, I would have said no. I would have admitted to continuing to practice the piano, but singing was not on my radar. If you would have asked me three years ago if I saw myself singing proficiently in Latin, the answer would have been definitely not. What, me, singing in a dead language?! You have got to be kidding!! I admit that I will never be the next American Idol nor will I be a soloist in our choral group, but with practice I can hold my own singing in English or Latin. Yep, in fact last spring, we performed Hayden’s Lord Nelson Mass, entirely in Latin. There is a point to this long story. Never say never, obviously; but never doubt what you may be capable of achieving. You may just surprise yourself . . . and in a good way.

Now, to the books. After Dianne Duvall spoiled me with her Immortal Guardians series, I went in search of another PNR series. Redemption was one of the samples I downloaded to my Kindle. The sample piqued my interest enough to purchase a copy (and the price was right – $3.99).

It is a vampire story with a unique twist. A pandemic had wiped out a portion of the human population (the very young and the very old and those susceptible to illness); most of the humans who survived received the pandemic vaccination. Well, guess what that did to the vampires? Yep, they can’t drink vaccinated blood; it is like poison to them. So, enter starving vampires and power-hungry vampires who lack morals and feel threatened by a successful vampire and his community of unvaccinated humans. Redemption is the story of Aidan Murphy and human doctor Krystal Harris.  It is set in rural Alabama, Penton to be exact. I really enjoyed the trials and tribulations of the former Irish farmer as he faced his out of control brother, Owen. The book kept me intrigued, and I enjoyed both the main characters and the secondary characters – vampire and human alike.

I decided I wanted to tackle the second book, Absolution. This is Mirren’s story – the big, scary slayer who doesn’t say much. In fact, you’re lucky if you get a grunt!! Little does the big guy know, but he’s got a soft spot for a gifted mortal, Glory. I’m over halfway finished with this book. It is been a real page-turner! It was difficult to stop after what just happened with Krys and Glory, but I managed. Barely.

I did want to share one of my favorite passages from the book thus far. It is at the start of Chapter 23.

Mirren slammed a fist against the dash of Aidan’s car, denting the door to the glove compartment. “What do you mean, mated? I’m not mated to Glory, or anybody else. You have to, I don’t know, do something to be mated. Vampires can’t be accidentally mated. You’re so full of shit.”

Guess what Aidan did (Aidan was the one who realized what happened and broke the news to Mirren). He shook his head, grinning. Typical Aidan. Of course, he can do that now that he’s been through the process. He wasn’t so happy about it when things happened between him and Krys. One of the vampire Tribunal is not as he appears . . . I’m curious about what happens next. Maybe I should hurry up and finish this blog post so I can get back to reading?? ha ha

I rate Redemption 4 out of 5 stars. Susannah Sandlin can be found at

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