It Feels Like Monday

While I am hugely grateful that it is in fact Wednesday, it sure feels like Monday! It has been a rather blah evening thus far. My “power” nap hasn’t been very empowering. In fact, it had quite the opposite effect. Now, I am struggling to motivate myself to write.

I’m behind on my NaNoWriMo story goal (unfortunately, life happened!). I do have 4,000 words written so far, but I should be closer to 7K. I am not complaining though. I’m very happy with how my story is going so far. I’m enjoying my main characters and the Halloween party. In fact, my love interests are getting ready to make each other’s acquaintance in a fun and somewhat sensual way. I can only imagine the reaction of a human, who isn’t all too familiar with vampires, kissing one whose fangs are front and center. My poor character – I see torture in the future!! No worries. A happily ever after awaits them both.

Well, blogging tonight has turned out to be a good thing. It has gotten me motivated to work on my story. Maybe I can make up some of my word count deficit! I hope my friends who are participating in NaNoWriMo are having good luck with their stories!

Happy writing!

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