NaNoWriMo Begins

So, if you recall, I was fretting about my project because I had my heart set on writing a murder-mystery novella, and it just wasn’t coming together for me. For now, I’ve set aside my plot diagrams and character charts. I need to work on the mystery when my muse is ready for me to do that.

In a fit of desperation I checked out the writing prompt app on my phone. It saved the day! (And this isn’t the first time.) While I don’t remember the exact words it showed (silly me checked it before I headed home from work and didn’t realize the app wouldn’t display the last prompt when I checked it again at home), I used the following that stuck in my head: a Halloween experience (very fitting, right?), a Navy Seal, and the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt.

I hope you are wondering how I’ve combined those in my story. I’ll give you a hint – the story will be a paranormal romance and includes all manner of supernaturals, particularly starring a mere human and a sexy vampire. In fact, I hope that my title inspiration of My Handsome Vampire will fit when I’m done writing.

So, my daily goal for NaNoWriMo is roughly a thousand words a day. Today’s count: 1,146

Off to a great start! Just hope I can keep it up!

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