The Great Mouse Caper


I really wanted to get to this post last night, but it didn’t happen. I was otherwise occupied. By a mouse.

I heard him in my wall a couple of days ago, and then I didn’t hear him over the weekend. I’m thinking that’s a good thing – maybe  he found someone else’s stuff to gnaw on. Yeah, not so much.

Monday morning as I was eating my breakfast at o-dark-thirty, I see him run across my living room floor. I ended up getting to work late as I tried to corral him and get my cat involved. My cat was really slow (maybe she was still sleeping?) and of no help. Go figure. Well, the mouse made a quick getaway despite my efforts.

I stopped at Southern States and purchased (to the tune of 24$) a “catch and release” mouse trap. I didn’t want to harm the critter, I just wanted him and his dirt out of my house.

The antics began shortly after I set the trap. He managed to eat the organic peanut butter and not trigger the trap. Just my luck. The gloves came off when he ran across my stove, likely looking to nab my leftover pasta. One time (a bit later in the evening), he taunted me, sitting on top of the trap, washing his little feet. I can hear it now, “Mmm, that peanut butter was good!” So, needless to say, I spent quality time in my laundry room trying to outsmart the critter.

Finally, around 9:00 PM, the trap worked as it was designed. I caught the little buggar! He didn’t seem too concerned about being caught. He just ate more peanut butter. I took him outside and released him (well fed, mind you) into the cool night air. I gave him specific instructions to bother somebody else. After all, he was just lucky my cat has gotten soft. Otherwise, it could have been a completely different story.

I think the tally at the end was Me 1, My cat 0.

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