Story Inspiration

Ok, WordPress, we are not getting along tonight. This is the second time I’m writing this post. WordPress never published the first post not did it save my post as a draft. Grr!!

At any rate, the weather inspired me with a story idea. I am a fall person (in case you haven’t noticed). As we approach Halloween, I tend to find “spookiness” in everyday things. Tonight was one of those times.

While on my way to my voice lesson this evening, I can across a low-lying section of the road. As I approached, I noticed the thick fog, which had settled across the roadway. I had the idea that a character in a story could be driving through the fog and then come out someplace else, someplace completely different.

I brainstormed with my voice teacher, and her idea was the character comes out somewhere “above” the Earth in a different dimension. The race of people “above” actually control what happens on Earth – the puppet masters so to speak. I told her since I normally write romance, the character would have to fall in love. Then they could figure out a way to travel between the dimensions and live happily ever after! LOL

On my way home from my lesson, I noticed that the fog was more widespread. Also, a low-hanging orange fingernail moon dominated the night sky. At least I didn’t have a black cat cross my path!!

Photo Courtesy of Flickr’s WANA Commons. Taken by M-Smith (Melissa Smith).

Share some of your weather-inspired story ideas!

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