Raphael & Jabril

Not quite sure how I stumbled on this series, but being sick the past couple of days has given me plenty of time to read. Don’t need a whole lot of energy to hold the Kindle! The series about which I’m talking is the Vampires in America series by D. B. Reynolds. The first book is Raphael and the second book is Jabril.

It is the story of wealthy P.I. Cynthia “Cyn” Leighton, who lives in Malibu, California. She ends up taking a case for Lord Raphael. The dark, sexy, handsome (and very powerful vampire) who rules the West Coast of the U.S. Cyn is tough and smart. I really liked her character. Lord Raphael’s sister (as Cyn learns much later) has been kidnapped and is being held by vampires wanting to overthrow Raphael. Ha. As if they even had a chance!!

Lots of chemistry between Cyn and Raphael.  The scene in the warehouse after the battle with the Russians – to die for!! I came to love Duncan, Raphael’s number two vamp. He was turned during the Civil War and retains some of his Southern charm – well, when he wants to show it. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but I will say the HEA doesn’t take place until the end of Jabril. Yep, you gotta read the second book.

The second book starts with Cyn heading to Texas for another case. In this one, the Lord of the Southwest – Jabril – is brutal, ruthless, and pretty much terrorizes the women around him. He is controlling a young vampire, Mirabelle, when her sister runs away. Jabril requests Cyn’s assistance not because of her skills but to irritate Raphael. When Cyn realizes the conditions Mirabelle is forced to live under, she takes her from Jabril. They make it to California before he realizes the young heir is gone. The race is on to find her sister.

Parts of this book frustrated me. Cyn made Raphael work really hard and initially wasn’t willing to forgive him. For me, it was getting old. Finally, one evening she makes him grovel and learns a lot about his past. The readers are rewarded with a HEA for the pair. At the end, Cyn is meeting her friend Sarah – and yes, I’m wracking my brain to remember if she was mentioned in either of the first two books – for drinks when Raphael comes in to spirit her away. Her friend is heading to Buffalo to be a professor. This is the set-up for book number three in the series.

Both books get 4 out of 5 stars. D. B. Reynolds can be found at http://www.dbreynolds.com/

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