The Force of Wind

I’m totally hooked on the Elemental Mysteries series by Elizabeth Hunter. I’m currently 63% done with the third book in the series, The Force of Wind. For my #SampleSunday I wanted to highlight a cute passage in the book (trust me, it was difficult to pick just one). Most of this book has been set on Mount Penglai, a hidden island near China. The Eight Immortals live here of whom Tenzin’s father is one. B, Gio, and Baojia (B’s bodyguard courtesy of her uncle) travel to the island. To keep things interesting, guess who also shows up?? Lorenzo. Needless to say, things are a bit tense for the good guys.

Ok, getting to the scene. Baojia has been flirting with B during weapons training and letting his feelings be known despite the fact her lover (Gio) is a powerful fire vampire. After training, B returns to Gio, and he immediately picks up that something isn’t right – she seems guilty. She explains that Baojia was flirting with her.

“Yeah.” She waved a hand. “He was joking about ‘knowing your options’ about weapons and, you know, there’s some kind of obvious jokes and . . . yeah, just being silly.”

Gio doesn’t cut her any slack so she chucks a pillow at his head, hitting him square in the face. He then tells her, “You’re very cute when your embarrassed.” She clarifies that she’s not embarrassed, just irritated.

Gio then asks, “Did he ask if you wanted to play with his sword?” Her response is “Stop.” She continued with “I’ll have you know,” she said, gasping, “I told him that I only like European spears.”

I suppose I should have included the conversation between her and Baojia. He has a spear in each hand and asks her if she prefers European spears or Asian spears? She, of course, answers European as Gio is Italian. However, the spear she takes from Baojia is Asian.

I am really enjoying this book. Things are progressing quickly . . . I fear the battle with Lorenzo is not far off. Guess I will have to wait and see!

4 thoughts on “The Force of Wind

    1. I find her idea very creative. Each vampire has an affinity for an element. There is a greater story arc in relation to the elements. The first book is mostly fantasy. More romance in the second and third books. I would definitely recommend the series.


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