What a beautiful morning for a bike ride! After the storms yesterday, the temps dropped into the mid 50s overnight. This morning I met up with some other ladies for a group ride. Given that I haven’t been riding much (especially not hilly terrain), they decided to spare me and chose a rolling 16 mile loop. By the second hill, I was joking – once I caught my breath and allowed my heart rate to descend out of the danger zone – that there was only supposed to be one hill. Um, yeah. No matter my lacking physical ability, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous! Traffic was light, and I was dressed just right in my long sleeve jersey.

We rewarded ourselves after the ride with a pumpkin spice latte and a pumpkin scone from Starbucks. What a great way to begin the day! I feel energized and have gotten several things done around my house.

In my quest for finding the perfect retirement locale, I did some research on bike-friendly communities. I headed to the League of American Bicyclists website They have a pdf file of Bicycle Friendly Communities, rated high to low on friendliness. They also include the state and population of the locale. I’ve found some new towns to explore (all around or under 40K in population).

They include:

  • Franklin, PA (Bronze status)
  • Durango, CO (Gold status)
  • Keene, NH (Bronze status)
  • Hilton Head Island, SC (Silver status)
  • Larger population area: Longmont, CO (Silver status)

In case you are curious, the top three (Platinum status) on their list are

  • Boulder, CO
  • Davis, CA
  • Portland, OR

Photo courtesy of David R. Farmer, Flickr, WANA Commons

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