Die, Spider, Die

Yesterday, I was sitting in my car, chatting with one of my friends. When I got ready to pull away, I put the window up and movement caught my eye. Thankfully, the window was completely closed when I realized a spider was walking across it. I decided that I couldn’t risk putting the window down and having the spider fall in on me. I resolved my best course of action was to drive. Surely the creepy wouldn’t be able to hang on with my traveling 45 mph prior to getting onto the highway where the speed limit increased to 65 mph.

When I got to my destination, I checked around my driver’s door. No sign of the spidy. Mission accomplished, right? Well, not so much…

I’m driving down a fairly busy road this morning during rush hour when said spider (yes, the same one – I know) from the day before appears on the INSIDE of my car. In fact, the spider is quickly falling from the ceiling of my car and fast approaching my pant-covered (thank God!) leg. Oh boy!! Talk about racing heart and shaking hands. Watching those legs reaching out, twitching in its quest for some place to land – AHHH!!! Not on my leg, you don’t! While I’d like to say my amazing driving skill got me safely to the shoulder, I would be lying. It was most likely dumb luck. My quick application of the brakes caused the falling spider to halt and swing towards the a-pillar in my car. Good. Solid surface for killing, right? I grab my planner (closest thing I can lay my trembling hand on) and swat the darn thing. But, oh no, does it die? Of course not! I swing again. I make contact, and now begins the mystery. No more falling spider. No more spider on the a-pillar. No spider guts on my planner. I spent quality time searching my car and my body, and the spider has disappeared.

As one of my colleagues so thoughtfully reminded me, spiders are fast. It likely got away to return again when I least expect it. Nice. Thanks so much. Really.

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