Gunmetal Magic

I finally finished Gunmetal Magic, the first book in the Kate Daniels World series, written by Ilona Andrews. I think I’m definitely in the minority with my views and thoughts on this book.

For starters, it took me 10 days to read this (slow for me). I had no problem putting the book down (not a good sign), and there were times I went looking for something else to read (definitely not a good sign). Sadly, I think my problem with this book was that Andrea isn’t Kate, isn’t even close in fact. She is more serious, up-tight, and has way more hang-ups with her past (rightly so given her childhood). She and Raphael didn’t have the chemistry and the witty retorts that characterize Kate and Curran. Raphael’s practical jokes as part of the bouda mating ritual were downright hilarious. I feel like that humor was lost on Andrea. She is kick ass and tough, but she isn’t the well-rounded character Kate is.

Action was not the problem nor were the secondary characters. I actually really like Roman. I think he almost stole the show – who would have known – Army Ranger?!

I feel horrible, but I’m only going to award this book 3.5 stars out of 5. If you are completely enamoured with Kate and Curran, I have a feeling you be left wanting with Andrea and Raphael.

Included at the back of this book is Magic Gifts, a Kate Daniels novella (5.4 in the Kate Daniels series for those who want to be specific). To illustrate my point, this novella was only a 100 pages – darn it! – but I could not put it down. I read it in one sitting. I love Kate and Curran – the Beast Lord rocks!! The poor couple, they try to go out for a dinner date and end up with two off the hook vampires because one of the journeymen is killed while the other is left in hysterics. But, restaurant patrons and workers, have no fear – Kate and Curran can handle just about everything. And they do. They even refrain from hurting Ghastek and destroying his property later on.

Ghastek and his creepy sunscreen coated vampires (Kate likened them to skittles) played a large role in this novella. I’m not typically a fan of the People, but it totally worked, especially when Ghastek kept betting Kate and losing. Heh heh. I loved with the big, drunken Nordic/ Viking guy (don’t ask me to correctly spell his name) who challenged Curran. What a funny scene!

The ending was perfect! I won’t spoil it, but HEA. This novella flowed and was true to all that is Kate and Curran, Consort and His Furriness!

4.5 out of 5 stars

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