Feels like Fall

Well, I had a tough call to make today – bike or hike? The weather was absolutely gorgeous (as in no haze or humidity) after the rain and storms we had last night. I opted for hiking since I thought my butt would appreciate the break. Plus, hiking is a lot closer than the rail trail.

I did some writing this morning, working on the plot and hook for a romance story. Once I got the first draft completed, I packed my gear and hoped that the rest of the local population didn’t have the same idea as me. I was scared when I arrived: the main parking lots were full. Good thing I had planned to park further out. I can be so smart some times – that parking lot was mostly empty. Whoo hoo!

Three hours later, my legs had covered almost eight miles. Go me! I saw a variety of wildlife – deer (one nearly walked up to me), two woodpeckers, bunches of chipmunks, and way too many spiders. After Googling, I believe the woodpeckers were Pileated Woodpeckers.

I had a blast – the temps were in the low 70s on the mountain with a cool breeze, and I really didn’t run into many other hikers. The trails were not packed and were in good condition despite the recent rains we had.

Now that I am back home, time for some more writing. Well, that may turn into more reading. I feel Gunmetal Magic calling my name!

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