Deadlock is the third book in the Southern Arcana series by Moira Rogers. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have stumbled onto this series. It has been absolutely wonderful! This book was Alec’s. I have to admit – he is my favorite male hunk thus far. Whenever I think about him, I picture Joe Manganiello (with a full beard, of course).

Alec, the alpha of New Orleans – not that you’d find his name on a book or a roster anywhere, met his match in Carmen, a savvy doctor with psychic abilities and wolf in her blood. She (her brothers included) and Alec made a great team when it came to dealing with the Southern Council. I won’t spoil anything, but after several close calls, they put their heads together and brought a proposition to John Wesley Peyton, alpha of the wolves. The results weren’t surprising, but the method they used surprised several of the old guard. At the close of the book, Carmen got to meet Alec’s parents. It sounds like wedding planning is underway!

I highlighted several passages in my Kindle (oh, how I love that feature), and I’d like to share some with you.

Kat was included in this story as well as Jackson and Nick. Actually, Kat had a rough start, and Alec being all protective of her was ready to kill someone. She tries to set him straight from Franklin’s clinic (you go, girl!).

“‘Damn it, Alec, it wasn’t my date. And I didn’t ask the mugger for an introduction while I was tasering his ass, okay?'”

Alec has a discussion with Carmen in regards to Kat’s injuries. Good job, Carmen, from keeping Alec from losing his cool. He informs Carmen why Kat is going to be upset with him (and he is right-on).

“‘She’s scared I’m going to call her cousin, her cousin’s oh-so-scary little wife, my partner, my partner’s pissy alpha bitch girlfriend, and we’re going to form a posse and kill some folk. And to be fair, she should be.'”

One last one (although there are so many I could choose!). Alec and Carmen had a lots of ups and downs between them before their relationship solidified. Quite frankly, they did a good job of sexually torturing each other. Here is one such example. Darn it, Alec, give in!! LOL

Alec laughed, low and hoarse, and leaned down until his lips were just over hers. ‘You underestimate my capacity for masochism. I’d let you ride me into the sunset if you were thinking straight, but you’re not. And I’ll stop you.'”

The next book in the series is Cipher.

4.5 out of 5 stars

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