My book budget has been blown to you know where of late. Too much downloading on Kindle – hey, I can’t help that my eyesight is going, and I need a larger font to be able to read in bed. At any rate, to appease the checkbook I went surfing for free Kindle downloads. To my pleasant surprise, I stumbled upon a good one.

Crux is the first in the Southern Aracana series by Moira Rogers. It is a combination urban fantasy/ romance – and ended up being exactly what I was looking for: solid plot, engaging characters, straightforward writing.

The story is set in New Orleans – how can you not love a novel set in the paranormal haven of N.O.? – and features Mackenzie Brooks, who is on the run from the “bad” guys. She moves from city to city and earns meager wages by tending bar. In New Orleans she stumbles upon a good group of people – well, they all aren’t people per se. Some are werewolves while some are wizards and users of magic. As Kenzie (Jackson’s nickname for her) later discovers, she, too, is a shifter. Kenzie gets a job working for Nick (Nicole) Peyton in her bar and meets Jackson Holt and his business partners (private eyes, they are).

I don’t want to spoil the plot, but Kenzie and Jackson quickly become an item – thank goodness, very little angst – and Jackson’s crew, who become Kenzie’s friends and family, help her with the guys stalking her. A happy ending awaits the pair after Kenzie uses her new powers to defeat the evil Charles.

One of the things I liked most about this book were the secondary characters. I fell in love with Alec, despite his gruff demeanor. I enjoyed Kat, assistant and computer mastermind, and her ogling over Andrew. Nick got picked on as well for her drooling over Derek and doing nothing about it. Plus, we met Michelle and Aaron along with Marcus. Even though she had quite a cast, I had no trouble keeping them straight or who is related to whom. Kudos to Ms. Rogers for that!

I have already downloaded the sample of book number two in the series, Crossroads. It is Nick and Derek’s story. By the way, the writing duo known as Moira Rogers can be found at

4 out of 5 stars

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