Back to writing…

Last night, I decided I needed to work on some Sample Sunday posts and some story starts. I didn’t feel like tackling something I already had in progress. I wanted a new topic to ponder. I have a handy-dandy app on my phone that provides me with writing prompts. My self-imposed rule is that I have to use one of the first three prompts I read. The winner…

  • Place: A small cafe
  • Character: A travel agent
  • Object: A hard drive
  • Smell: Strong perfume

I pushed and pushed myself to write last night, and the words just weren’t flowing. It seemed the harder I tried, the less productive I became. I set my notebook aside and decided to approach it again in the morning. As I was falling asleep, I had a pretty decent idea. I will keep you in just a bit of suspense, but my main character is Marci, an FBI agent undercover as a part-time travel agent. She meets with her contact, Gabe, in Cafe Java in old town Albuquerque, New Mexico. With any luck, my muse will be with me tonight, and I get come up with an intriguing Sample Sunday post. Be sure to check back!

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