Warm Weather Continues

Well, we aren’t getting a break from the heat just yet. Go figure. I did manage to get out for a 10 mile ride today. Wow – riding on the road is just a bit different from being on a rail trail (go ahead and snicker, I know it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out!). Cars, for one thing! Then, rolling terrain and lack of shade. While I wish I could have done the route twice, no way my body was going to be happy with that. Guess coffee doesn’t do such a good job of hydrating you… oops!

No writing today, just reading once I returned from the ride. I do have a good story idea percolating. The other day at the coffee shop, I pulled up a random story prompt. Taken on face value, it seems kind of so-so, but I’ve already thought of a twist. Maybe I can work on it later. If nothing else, maybe I can work it into a Sample Sunday post. Besides, reading SK has me in the mood to write Sci-Fi/ Urban Fantasy. So many possibilities…

Well, time to play on my alter ego’s blog. I feel like I’ve been neglecting her of late. Not good.

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