Night Walker

My thoughts on Night Walker are way past due, especially for such a good book! Night Walker is the first book in Lisa Kessler’s The Night Series. It features an extreme hottie – Calisto Terana, who is a walker (he drinks blood and shifts into a raven). Kate Bradley, a choir director, caught her to-be husband cheating and had her world turned upside down. Not only that, she has horrible nightmares, which are replays of her own death. While she is visiting friends in San Diego, she runs into Calisto. Several times. And things only get interesting and steamy from there!

Calisto has every reason to relentlessly pursue Kate; he believes her to be his reincarnated lover Tala, and (thanks to him) she is a target of the Fraternidad. I like how Mr. Sexy shows incredible patience and support. I laughed out loud at him trying to drive Kate’s stick shift.

At first I wasn’t sure about the story flipping back and forth in time frame, but Ms. Kessler made it work. As time went on, I appreciated learning about Calisto and Tala and his transformation into a Night Walker. It gave me so much insight into him as a person that my heart broke for the loss he suffered.

Kate was the perfect combo for me as well. She wasn’t whiny, but she carefully followed her heart. As a pianist I loved the connection the piano created between Kate and Calisto. She was a strong woman who had a lot to deal with – settling her parents’ estate and cheating Tom.

Not a chance that I am going to spoil the ending. Needless to say, it totally worked for me (you know how I like to harp on endings – hee hee). I look forward to reading more from Ms. Kessler. I hope there are more Calisto’s to come!

4.5 stars out of 5!

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