Top Spot

Perhaps it makes me anal retentive, but I’ve already started thinking about where I might like to retire (location-wise). If you twist my arm really, really hard, I will admit that I have a countdown widget on my phone. While I will have to take another job when I retire, I would like to relocate.

I completed the survey on A friend had originally told me about the site a couple of years ago. I had forgotten about it until just recently. The only downside is that they force you to register to get your results. Their survey is pretty comprehensive, but I was disappointed that there wasn’t a question about bugs – particularly spiders!!

According to the site, my “top spot” is Hickory, North Carolina. Initially, it looks good, but then I see the average of 9″ of snow – not good!! I am fine with snow as long as I can enjoy it from a window seat next to my fireplace (while sipping a mug of hot chocolate).

It looks like my top five “spots” are all in North Carolina or Tennessee. Hmm, I don’t mind those states, but I’m not sure about the snow. I’ve recently decided I would like to get a kayak so living near a body of water (lake or river – no whitewater) is important to me. I wish there was a way to weight some of the choices/ questions on their survey. Oh well, at least it is a starting point. I’m excited to go explore these towns!

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