A Writer’s Woes?

Ok, fellow writers, I am looking for suggestions…I have this writing problem that I would really like to conquer. I have numerous story ideas, and I have several of them down on paper. My problem is not starting a story but finishing one – even if it is just a short story. I can’t imagine trying to write a novel!

I have looked for submissions that have deadlines, thinking that would help to motivate me, but even that hasn’t been of much help. Some of my issues revolve around a less than stellar plot, but for some, I have intricate plot ideas. For some reason, I am unable to motivate myself to actually write them out.

I don’t normally outline my stories. I’m wondering if that would get me over the plot hump? I’ve started making character cheat sheets to help me keep my details straight, but despite being excited and “in tune” with my characters, I struggle with finishing their stories. Darn!

I also wonder if writing on the computer is part of the problem? I have a tendency to go back and re-read what I’ve just written and then begin the editing process rather than writing more on the story. I find that when I hand write in my journal I keep on going until my hand gets tired!!

Anyone have any suggestions for me? I’d love for these partial works to be completed and see the light of day in an anthology or an e-book some time soon!

One thought on “A Writer’s Woes?

  1. Outlining would definitely be helpful. Consider where you want to end the story and go from there. You could also take a notebook with you wherever you go, and when inspiration hits you, just continue writing from the point where you last stopped and then copy it later to your computer. =]


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