Nicca & Channing

It has been a while since I have written about Nicca and Channing. I really wanted to write a third story so I would have a trilogy, but my creative spark has been lacking (with respect to them). They have had such a spicy, electric relationship that I don’t want to short change them. So, I thought maybe I could feature them in a #SixSentenceSunday post. Here goes nothing… Oh, and fair warning – it is a bit sensual!

Channing tumbled a gloriously naked Nicca onto his king-size bed, his lips never leaving her slender neck. He groaned at the feel of her soft, warm body under his. He ground his erection against her hip as his fingers tweaked a pale pink nipple. Her panting breaths tested his control; he had never been with a woman so responsive to his touch.

Tonight was all about possession. She was his; and by the time he was finished, she would know it.

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