Random Thoughts and Maybe a Rant

Well, this is the first post I’m typing with my new glasses on. I guess it is a sign of old age, but I needed to get some specks to help my peepers. I’m doing great with them on the computer and when reading. Depth perception when walking…well, that is another thing. They told me it could take two weeks to get used to them so I’m in “little by little” mode!

It is a beautiful spring evening here. The humidity is low, and the horizon is tinged pink. I think I will leave the windows open tonight – should be excellent sleeping weather! Well, I may have to rethink that – the neighbors are enjoying the cooler weather as well. Maybe it makes me a hermit, but I can’t wait until I can live without any nearby neighbors. Being in a community does have its advantages, but I relish peace and quiet…even more the older I get.

My writing has been at a standstill of late. Not good! I did submit my suspense short story, but the response email I got told me not to expect to hear anything until September. Ugh – the wait will kill me! LOL I have two other deadlines I was hoping to meet this summer; unfortunately, with the way my schedule is, I don’t see that happening.

Oh – I did find an interesting TV show that I am now watching online. Being Human is about the trials and tribulations of a vampire, Aiden, a werewolf, Josh, and a ghost, Sally, who reside in Boston and try to be…well…human. It is actually interesting, and the vampire is hot!! The werewolf is funny, but I wish he had more of a backbone. Maybe in later episodes! http://www.syfy.com/beinghuman

Well, I’m off – time to update my alter ego’s blog! Enjoy the night!

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