Frog, a novella by Mary Calmes, is the story of unlikely love between a bull-riding ranch hand and a neurosurgeon.

Weber Yates, ginger-haired and freckled, with his Texas drawl immediately captured my heart. He never considered himself worthy of Cyrus’s love. Web always insisted he needed a purpose in life – he would not be satisfied as a kept man.

Cyrus Benning was head-over-heels in love with Web, doing everything and anything he could to spend time with Web whenever Web’s travels brought him through California. Despite his wealth and status, Cyrus was down to earth and completely at ease with Web.

Ms. Calmes’s supporting characters were fabulous as well – Cy’s sister and her three boys attached themselves to Web right from meeting him. Web brought humor and support to the family that was dealing with Carolyn’s husband taking off with the nanny. Web truly was the “mountain” to the Benning clan.

I think the scene which touched me the most was when Cy and Web were staying with Cy’s parents at their vacation home. Web had gone out for a run and came back all sweaty and smelly. Cy made sure the only part of him that touched Web were his lips (lips to lips). The more he tried to avoid Web, the more Web tried to hug (and eventually tackle) Cy. Yep, Cy was all about shoeing Web off to the shower to get cleaned up. Web was not to be deterred; he won that particular battle! The heart breaking part was Cy’s family being left speechless at seeing their son and brother so happy and laughing so heartily.

I’ve read several of Ms. Calmes’s books and have enjoyed them all. However, I would have to say Frog stands out from the pack.

Mary Calmes can be found at Here is the link for her snippet about Frog

Frog earned 5 out of 5 stars!

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