Poor Sidward

I spoke with my parents today, and they shared how many bad thunderstorms went through in the early hours of this morning. My dad said it seemed like one would end and another would start right on its heels. My mom was surprised they didn’t lose any trees. I was filled with descriptions of vivid lightning and thunderous claps which shook the house.

My parents are the keepers of Sidney, my orange cat. She had issues with my last move so her grandparents have taken her in. At this point, I don’t think I will get her back. She has adopted my mom as her own – follows her around and loves her lap.

Well, my poor cat fears loud noises, thunderstorms included. It is most likely my fault. On one of the trips to my parents, I drove through a bad storm. Sidney freaked when hail started pelting my Jeep. I wasn’t happy for reasons very different from hers! I think that encounter with hail has permanently ruined her for storms. So, my mom said that when she got up this morning, she smelled cat urine in the bathroom – not in the litter box, though. Apparently the 2 hour-long series of storms literally scared the pee out of my poor cat.

The good news: she is recovering today. More sedate than usual, but my dad mentioned she wasn’t late for breakfast. Definitely a good sign!

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