Biting Cold: Sneak Peak

Well, I’m supposed to be editing my suspense/ thriller short story, but I made the mistake of checking my email first. Lucky for me, though, it contained some good news. Although, my editing is going to be further delayed, at least it will be for a good reason – I need a taste of Merit and Ethan!!

Thank you, oh thank you Ms. Neill! She has generously posted the first chapter of Biting Cold, her next book in the Chicagoland Vampires series, on her website.

Unfortunately, we still have to wait until August to get the full story on Merit, Ethan, and Mallory (among others, I’m sure!).

I’ll leave you with a tantalizing tidbit between Sentinel and Master:

Ethan chuckled. “And are you aware you keep looking over here like you’re nervous I’m going to disappear?”

“It’s because you’re devastatingly handsome.”

He grinned slyly. “I wasn’t questioning your good taste.”

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