Deadly Pursuit

Deadly Pursuit is book two in Irene Hannon’s Guardians of Justice series. I just finished it this afternoon. Wow! Gripping suspense, wonderful characters, and a touching ending. I’ve really enjoyed this series as well as her Heroes of Quantico series.

This book told Alison’s story – she is the baby sister of Jake and Cole. With two over-bearing and over-protective brothers, Alison always has someone meddling in her life. Cole, ever worried about her lack of social life, introduces her to fellow Detective Mitch Morgan, a recent transfer from NYPD and a former Navy SEAL. Needless to say, Mitch is a hunky, caring man, who immediately falls for Alison. Despite the chemistry sizzling between them, Alison takes her time and stands her ground. She even manages to help Mitch find his way back to God.

Unfortunately, Alison’s job as a social worker has made her the target of Daryl, who is newly out of prison. He holds Alison responsible for sending him to prison (among other things). He decides to seek retribution against her. His methods escalate quickly, and soon Alison finds herself abducted by Daryl and his accomplice, Bev. Thanks to thorough police work and the observations of Erik, Cole and Mitch get to Alison – just barely in the nick of time. I won’t spoil the ending, but it was so sweet!!

I give Ms. Hannon kudos for Deadly Pursuit. She obviously did her research, which kept me in suspense with all the plot twists and turns and the uncovering of clues. I couldn’t put my Kindle down – I had to know what happened to Alison!

The next book in the series will be Cole’s story. He is such a tough controlling guy – I can’t wait for him to meet his match. I am very much looking forward to Lethal Legacy!

4.5 stars out of 5!

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